keeping busy

but not overly so….

clubbing last weekend….

thursday: thought we were going to copacabana because thursday is hip-hop night but word has it that it’s been dead for the past couple of thursdays and i wasn’t informed until we set out (12:30-ish) that we were heading for the dome instead of copa for the usual dome-madness. i don’t understand the craze that comes with long weekends…. it was a jam-packed house and as usual i didn’t like it. how do i hate the dome, let me count the ways….

  1. went upstairs to check out the scene (we got separated from richard and steve and i wanted the bird’s eye view to find them again) and Old Guy that i accidentally got too close to tries to talk to me. don’t know what he said, i scooted to the end of the viewing area…
  2. african guy i end up next to called Ishkad or something takes that as a sign that we can be friends and begs and begs for my phone number, “how can we be friends if you don’t give me your phone number??” i thought of passing off the phone number of a person i don’t like but couldn’t think of one….
  3. took a breather and sat at a table near one of the bars; guy who later is obviously trying to pick up any girl that is in the bar vicinity offers to buy me a drink. i decline. i think he said, “are you sure?” yes i’m sure!
  4. still at the bar: drunk redneck reels towards me and tries to talk to me, “i feel like cattle in here.” good for you. he’s from petawawa. whoa – bad, bad vibes – don’t want petawawa-ness to in the slightest bit influence me so when he went for another drink, i took off.
  5. when this reggae song (don’t know which one, guy says “shake that thang” over and over) draws a full crowd to the dance floor and some guys think it’s legitimate in such a rousing song to put their hands on single-girls’ hips and press. eww – i don’t know if i batted off the hands of two guys or the same guy over twice.

saturday: too tramatized from the dome, i refused to go there again. we ended up at merrill’s first. i remarked upon first entering that that was the kind of crowd that suited me: more sparse. but as we walked around, i realized that it was depressingly sparse. i’m still kind of cool with that because then when they do play something current and popular, i don’t have to groan at the masses descending on the dance floor because there were not masses in attendence. thuy and i sat and talked and took pictures with her digital camera (we’ll get better pics next time, none to show this time). we couldn’t help but see the girl at the next table in turn grind with a guy and then make out with a girl. one of the girls we later saw making out with a different girl. (note: i’m not against whatever orientation the girls chose to be, i am simply against such brazen displays of promiscuity and i don’t forgive even the display of sexuality by a straight couple. not even at a club.) even the guys when they arrived couldn’t stomach the scene. there was a laser light show which (sorry: sheltered me) i haven’t seen before and thought was pretty neat to be in the midst of it. we all danced a bit and then left. thuy and yang wanted to go to the dome and hung and i would rather just call it a night. we ended up at perks and had coffee and drinks and dessert and talked and laughed and joked and i thought it was perfect. i’m afraid that thuy and yang are still not inclined to think the end of the evening so nicely as i did…. :( sorry; so i promised yang in the near future all-night at pacifico some saturday. he doesn’t think i will come through but i really want to.

sunday: grr, it’s difficult to find a place open after 10 p.m. on a sunday night for just drinks and stuff besides second cup. i wanted to take angus-who-is-leaving-soon to some place he doesn’t usually go to so he can take home nice memories of hali. with nothing being open we ended up at a spot he usually ends up at – gatsby’s. so it was nice to just hang out there and get out but not go anywhere lewd and crap.

plan for this coming weekend:

  • thursday: work. haven’t been to yfm for wings in ages but might swap a shift with my sister when she’s done exams to swing that.
  • friday: day @ home… what mischief will arise? work. then going out for drinks.
  • saturday: jogging really early in the morning. work. then tentatively some kind of clubbing that i haven’t taken part in in years… details if it happens.
  • sunday: dance practice (hope i can get up for it!). work. and vinnie and i talked about going clubbing on sunday. we might even go to the palace (notorious for being the sleaziest place), and i’ve never been out on a sunday night before as i recall….

(Originally posted at an old blog April 22, 2003 at 8:58 p.m. AST.)

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