i’m deliriously full

today, my sister and i are getting our graduation photos done. think of them as glamour shots! fun, fun… i like getting my picture taken when i’m ready for it!

beforehand, we went to curry village for some satisfying indian food….

they have a lunch menu where chicken dishes (tandoori, madras, tikki, “curry”, korma, or bhoona) are 7.95 and come with soup (mulligatawny) and rice or naan. most of the vegetarian dishes (chana masala, sag paneer, aloo goobi, mixed vegetables) were 6.95 and also come with soup and salad.

we ordered chicken korma and chana masala and samosas (2 per order, 4.95).

the soup was okay. very thin and decidedly more vegetable broth with curry added than a hearty mulligatawny. at least it was ample sized served in a bowl. the samosa, as usual, were good – a well-spiced mix of carrots, potatoes, and peas. you don’t even need meat in those. finally, our eyes bulged when we saw the size of the main dishes. were they ever generous! we would have been quite full getting only one dinner and splitting it! both were really good – hearty. chana masala was slightly spicy hence i didn’t get halfway through it before sis was done more than half hers and we traded dishes. the chicken korma was creamy goodness – i didn’t think the chicken was fabulous (a bit more dry than i would have liked).

there is no doubt that the best prices for indian food can be found at curry village. the competition in halifax isn’t so big so it’s nice to get a truly good deal here. if i was living alone, i wouldn’t think twice about getting a doggie bag for the half of the food that remained.

the waitress did screw up and charge a dollar extra for the vegetable lunch and we don’t gripe over a misplaced dollar but it’s relatively a large screw-up when there were only two different prices to remember on the lunch menu…. so, we paid up, and deducted the same amount (losing on the taxes), from her tip…. ($2 instead of 3.)

sorry! at my restaurant, we try our utmost to get the prices right when we have sooo many prices to remember, so we hold a higher standard for other waitresses.

(Originally posted at an old blog April 22, 2004 at 9:58 p.m. AST.)