(Originally posted at a now-defunct blog. Posted here November 21, 2006.)

10 years ago, i…

  1. taught myself chinese (the foundation was already in place)
  2. dreamed about leaving my “small town” for a big city for uni
  3. had only one friend in high school
  4. had the top grades in my class

5 years ago, i…

  1. returned to halifax after 4 years in ontario
  2. kicked in the passenger side panel in my van in an angry, rebellious fit
  3. painted the town red every weekend (i.e., clubbing)
  4. went to chinese church in order to meet chinese people… and boys

3 years ago, i…

  1. realized that i am really fascinated by the challenges of protein structure determination and changed my major to biochem & chem
  2. started a dating spree that would last two years
  3. wore clubbing clothes to school :S
  4. worked in a molecular biology lab and had irritated hands

a year ago, i…

  1. thought i was done with classes and lectures forever!
  2. thought i was all grown up and done with relationship mistakes
  3. found a new family: my molecular evolution/bioinformatics lab
  4. visited vancouver for the first time in 17 years and wanted to stay

this year, i…

  1. participated in my first (half-)marathon
  2. will get my master’s, after 7 years of university
  3. was honoured to be accepted into u of t’s ph.d. program in biochemistry
  4. learned not to settle when it comes to relationships

yesterday, i…

  1. laughed with my sister and parents until my jaw ached
  2. drove for two hours without getting tired
  3. explored unfamiliar territory (digby, ns)
  4. had a meal with all of my family together, a rarity

today, i…

  1. plugged away at the thesis
  2. (will) work as a waitress… “pleasure to be of service”
  3. rued not running in a whole week, hence didn’t eat
  4. pondered how much has changed in the last 10, 5, 3, and even one year

tomorrow, i will…

  1. spend my first night away from home (aside from living in t. and travelling)… with a boy :o
  2. not be the designated driver for the first time in five years
  3. meet lots of people and be forced to socialize
  4. smile

special thanks to thushara from whom i gleaned this great meme.

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