i’m a 10kph machine (a.k.a sun run post-mortem)

(which is 6.25mph for my american readers.)

what does one do when left all alone during a 10K run?…. consider how to present it in my blog!

sad, huh?

but i was well aware of what was going on around me so i have a slew of observations for your amusement/enlightenment…

(oh, here is a “photo” of me at the wave start.)

  • it was such a big race that my group could not expect to start at 9 but within the wide window of 9:05-9:30. i think we started after 9:30. =s my water-resistant jacket was already thoroughly soaked through and my track jacket underneath was getting wet and cold. it felt too recreational and as someone behind me put it, by the time our group started, the seeded runners were already done! (at 32 minutes, i think.)
  • it is a highly recreational run with the following examples : people taking and making phone calls saying, “yeah, where are you? at 1st and fir? okay, i just got over the burrard bridge; i’ll be there in a few minutes”… the woman running with a big umbrella (it wasn’t open but it was one of those non-folding ones you can use as a walking stick)… all the kiddies (i think it’s great for the kiddies to come out, but they add a different atmosphere and they aren’t as inclined to do halfer’s)
  • kiddies are little speed demons who don’t know about the 10:1 rule (run for ten minutes and walk for 1, you’ll last longer). i was pushing myself so hard, i had to take a break after 5 minutes once, and a couple of times it was 8 or 9:1.
  • i live too close to (but not in) downtown to take the trolley (as was recommended to the runners) and that was grossly disappointing – one trolley wouldn’t stop because it was full of runners who got on at earlier stops. i had to walk 3K to the start line (which is okay) and 3K home on my smooshy ankle (not so okay)
  • walking to the start line was an experience… it was interesting to see 50+K vancouverites “daring” enough to brave a 10K in the rain converging on the five blocks that was the start line
  • i marveled at this great running shirt a guy was wearing because it bore the name bc cancer agency. i wanted to ask him what event he participated in in order to obtain a high-quality shirt but i snuck a peak at the back of his (runner’s) bib. i could see his name and under “medical conditions you have, or ever had,” he had written in block letters brain cancer. i marveled even more and didn’t bother him about it.
  • there was a light drizzle throughout. (by afternoon, it became an awesome day.)
  • i came up to a guy who had to run to the left of his partner. you see, on the back of his t-shirt, it read, “just.” on the back of her t-shirt, it read, “married.” let’s say it all together now : awwwww! as i passed the couple, i turned to congratulate them because you see i’m a friendly sort of person (when running and highly bored).
  • i can hardly think of a better way to feel totally lonely than to stand amidst 50,000 people and be alone and not know or expect to recognize anyone.
  • so i danced and bopped when the live band played “sweet home alabama.”
  • when i was leaving the post-run gathering and walking through the maze to exit bc place, i cried a little. i’ve spent 7 months here and haven’t befriend a runner in one of the most active cities in canada. it’s nice to have a partner sometimes, especially during events, even if ultimately it’s always you against yourself.
  • one guy remarked to me he felt like he was in a video game – weaving around human barriers.
  • since there were no pace bunnies, my goal was to break away from my pace group (“whites”) and crack the next one (“greens”). the colour separation wasn’t entirely clean. it was helpful motivation nonetheless to think of myself as a game character plowing through a sea of human obstacles, passing them in order to enhance my standing. =P
  • before the race began, i thought i wouldn’t do the run again unless with a work team or friend(s). as the race drew to a close and i realized what time i was making, i think i will run again because…
  • i learned that a 10K is quite different from a halfer (21K). a 10K is relatively short and i could push myself harder knowing i didn’t have to save as much energy. although the results will not be available until tomorrow’s paper, i’m fairly certain i obtained a personal best with a sub 6-minute-kilometer. =D
  • as usual, it feels awesome to finish.

On this day..


  1. NML says:

    Well done! I am super impressed!Don’t know how the hell you walked the 3K home. I’d have flagged a cab or just lay there in a ball!

  2. wyn says:

    update : there were 48-49,000 people and the first place male finisher finished at 29:24, quite possibly twice my speed. another example of how recreational it is – people dressing up in costume to run.

  3. wyn says:

    I don’t know why I didn’t post this soon after the fact but here are my race results:
    Chip Time 57:23
    9,141 overall
    2,589 of females
    520 in my age division
    5:44/kilometer or 9:15/mile

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