it’s good to be home

with ample links to my photos shared on flickr (do visit them via the following multitude of links), i will tell you about my first wild weekend in a long time….

(photo to the right – of course i can stay on the ball….)

saturday — seattle
i woke up at 4. kid sister woke up at 4:30. out the door at 5 a.m. reached the border before 6 and were looking for the supposed au bon pain on 1 redmond way. (we will find one in L.A… and eat there every day!) so we head to pike place market because it’s the oldest market, because the sister likes markets, and because i was told the first starbucks is there. i took a picture but did not purchase coffee. we did enjoy a delightful mushroom, potato, and onion piroshky from piroshky piroshky. we walked from pike place to the space needle, encountering a shady area around 1st and bell. freeeaky. we saw four police cars converge to arrest a man early on a saturday morning. and at a particular intersection in that area, we saw small groups of middle-aged men just loitering and we really wondered what their agenda was. (k thought they would pimp us if we were so dumb to walk through that intersection.) saw some colourful looking shops along the way and back. went up the space needle, of course, and took many pictures of the view and ourselves. the (puget) sound looks really nice even though it was overcast at the time, and i wish it was a clear enough day/morning to see the mountain tops! =D we came down and walked around the amusement area that surrounds the area like the sci fi museum and this strange large copper structure. i also learned that laughing at and photographing the funny stuff at the gift shop beats getting an overpriced souvenir. =P seattle was just waking up when we finished at the space needle and we drove a little around downtown – admired more than a few colourful sights along the way – and through chinatown on our way to the outlet mall in marysville… where i got a 100.00 london fog trench coat for 50% off and a running top from the adidas outlet for 15.00. yeah, that’s it for that entire outlet because, unfortunately, not all the prices were good. it was fun to walk from one designer store straight into another, though. ;) that i can’t do in vancouver. after the outlet mall, we head back to the seattle area to university village “mall” that i have heard michelle mention. it is cool and since the sun came out, it was quite idyllic. since we were ahead of schedule, we could really linger like getting me definitely measure for my bra size and then trying out the entire vs line for my size. at u.vill, i got a darling a&f top originally 60.00 for 13.00. we ate at burrito loco and atlas food, both to which i say, “meh,” but we were starving and i’ll elaborate in a reviews post at the end of this month…. all day, we were looking forward to getting ben & jerry’s and so we enjoyed that despite being quite stuffed from dinner. =P a scoop of gobfather and a scoop of the last straw in a waffle cup. then, after 18 hours in the state, we turned around to head home.

sunday — grouse grind
with seven hours of sleep under our belts, little sister and i went to grouse mountain. 1 hour 22 minutes. let’s just leave it the fact that we weren’t in a particular rush and stopped to take pictures. i couldn’t prove to you how many pictures because very few turned out clearly as a result of the mist (?). that duration was as long as a good sunday long run so we treated k’s german food penchant and had a wicked time at cafe katzenjammer. kartoffelreibuchen und nurnberger bratwurst. my german pronunciation is particularly horrid and i flubbed up despite knowing where the internal word boundaries are for the first dish. =P i mention this cafe here because it was like stepping through a portal of sorts and the decor was patriotically all yellow, red, and black. i was wearing a red/burgandy top, k was wearing a yellow top, and between us was the black table top. =P

that was my wild, wild weekend and since the kid sister is leaving all too soon, look out for more fun-filled weekend posts (two marathons and a trip in each of the coming months!). it’s not that we slept over anywhere, but it was so nice to have a normal night of lengthy sleep after the weekend was over!

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  1. teahouse says:

    Whoa..that’s some balancing act! How did you keep the ball from rolling away?


  2. Yvett says:

    Wow. Looks like you had a really good and really busy time. You look really cute in the “not so cute” pic, by the way.

  3. NML says:

    Great photos and you look so cute and………unanonymous ;-) That sounds like a very hectic weekend! Glad you had a good time.

  4. G-man says:

    I left a note 4 u in yer photostream. Here’s a hint which pic.

  5. Michelle says:

    so glad to hear you had a great time! and did the quintessential seattle things. i’m not sure exactly where 1st & Bell is, but I think you must have walked by the “Millionaires Club”. They’re all homeless or very poor and waiting to be picked up as labor. Seattle’s like any big city – it’s got its problems too.

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