the fab two

one night, we were yelled at by the “rapid”-line bus driver in l.a. he had driven past our bus stop without stopping even though we had signaled we wanted to disembark well in advance by pulling the “stop request” cord. his inane argument was, “you weren’t standing up,” as he approached the stop. it was obviously a cover for the fact he was too busy chatting with a female passenger at the front to take notice of our stop request… and we were the only other passengers on the bus!

what impudence on his part!

we went into the ralph’s near where we were staying to pick up a snack for the return flight home. let’s just say that finding a snack that both us approve of is rather difficult as the sister enjoys the “fluffiness” of ritz crackers finds breton crackers amply tasty. on the other hand, i make a bee-line towards the salty types and the sister resignedly told me to pick anything “not cheesy… or lemon-flavoured.” (i have weird tastes.)

you know what we settled on? mickey mouse chocolate graham crackers. i know we’re related by the way we try out things because they are new.

we faced another dilemma when selecting fruits. i’m not really a fruit monger but in the fruits aisle, i was jumping up and down, advocating, “pluots! pluots! pluots!” this is a fruit, a neat blend between plums and apricots that we were exposed to in california. but k pointed out that they were very expensive (4.99/lb) so i settled down and we selected super-sweet peaches instead.

yeah, that was funny to us, at least.

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