so what happens after 30?

i was waiting at the train platform and either i or the sequence logo (like at right) in the article i was reading caught the attention of a woman who sidled up to me.

she excitedly asked me what field i’m in and interrupted herself twice to compliment me on my earrings (pearl drops in pink) and on my coat (green waistcoat). her fawning and excitment had me just a little worried….

in her barrage of get-to-know-you questions, she also asked me how old i am, then told me i look ten years younger than my age (i find that a little unbelievable) and that that is common among asian girls under thirty.

so what happens after you hit 30? =P

(incidentally, aroung the time this happened, i read at bb that she “usually sleep[s] a solid nine hours a night, which is how [she] maintain[s] [her] dewy youth.” “dewy youth” – i love her word choice.)

drat. i’m going to look my age starting the very day i turn 30, aren’t i?? =S)

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