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i’ve been following along with two programs i can access with just cable television and find myself most eager to do the “namaste” (hatha vinyasa) workout on the weekends, far more than the daily “flow yoga” workout….

both segments are vancouver-based and but for “namaste,” oftentimes i feel like a guy appreciating not so much the strength of the three women but their bodies… and sometimes it feels like i’m watching some kind of soft-softcore … yeah, i said it. watch it and you’ll see – citytv at 6:30 a.m. on the weekends….

i want the dvd…. heheh.

seriously though, there was a wonderful sequence they showed –
start at child’s pose
in breath / cat lift
out breath / cat (stretch)
in / cat lift
out / downward dog
in / sunbird lift
out / gate pose
in / sunbird bow
out / one-legged downward dog
in / hero’s pose


On this day..


  1. Jon says:

    I saw the title and thought this was a Lost post.

    namaste is one of the encoded words on the Lost spoiler site. I had to google it to see what they were talking about.

  2. Yvett says:

    I really have to catch up on my comments on your page. Can I have your email addy? I want to send you something. . . .

  3. NML says:

    Must get out my yoga dvd…God I’m so lazy :-)

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