on the inside

how many times have i walked passed the bikram (hot) yoga studio on the way home and seen a yoga practice in session or wrapping up? to be honest, i can’t help but be a bit voyeuristic and scan the room when i see tens of scantily clad and generally fit people… knowing that they can’t see me as clearly as i can see them….

this weekend, i was unexpectedly on the other side of the glass, participating in only the second in-studio yoga practice every in my life. (the first one was watered-down yoga/meditation at the ymca in t. about 6 years ago. on a friday afternoon. when i was working about 50 hours a week. i fell asleep.)

it was not for nothing to attend a real session after several weeks of following along with taped practices. i learned….

that an exercise mat is a poor substitute for a sleek yoga mat
the breathing in (ashtanga) yoga is more manageable and intuitive than that in pilates
i might have been saved from more correction in my form by hearing in my head my ballet teacher’s instructions that apply to ballet, traditional dancing, stretching, aerobics, and yoga – don’t lock your knees/joints – relax the shoulders – neck in a neutral curve – stacking your spine one vertebrae at a timeeyes focused on a stationary object to keep your balance
“muscle memory” (more technically, proprioception) is forever – like making “flat back” off which you can have a tea party and that i can do the splits and halasana… and persist in having crappy ankle proprioception =(

if i had to choose between power, flexibility, and endurance, it would be a close tie between flexibility and endurance. ultimately, i think i would choose flexibility.

at the studio, they have they nice deals of unlimited yoga for, say, 90 days (180.00). or you can buy 10 or 20 passes for a reduced rate of 12.00 or 10.00 each. but alas, i can only commit to some – but not all – of yoga, (skiing) lift pass(es), and shopping. like i would actually stop shopping… so it’s a decision between yoga or skiing….

(thanks to sha. who told me about city yoga’s open house on saturday and the free classes being held all day!)

On this day..