them precanthal folds

mums keeps telling me to get eight or 9 hours of sleep per night. i am a little worried (but it doesn’t consume me) about my growing sleep deficit. i relish more being a morning person… and a night person.

she thinks that precanthal folds come from getting adequate rest. what’s that, you ask? it’s the extra eyelid folds that elude many a chinese and without them, we either have slanty eyes or, in my case, hooded eyes.

so, guess what greets me after four hours of sleep? precanthal folds – two of them! sometimes i only get one and look like a freak-of-nature with one hooded eye. o.O not being used to them, i don’t think my eyes look a great deal prettier.

in a blink of an eye (quite literally), they are gone and i’ve got my normal eyes back!

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