happy new year!

(still in the u.k. still on vacay until the 8th. but i thought i’d throw up an entry regarding resolutions. yes, i’m still suckered – by myself – into making them. as i explained last year, my resolutions are accomplishable and non-“standard.”)

1. i will make it to germany for yil.’s wedding and book a mini european continental tour. (a little thing called my comps stand in the way.)
2. i will write my blog with proper capitalization, lest a random reader dropping by overlooks my rather proper grammar and mistakes me for ignorant.
3. i will be a real fish-eating ovo-lacto-vegetarian. hehe, see how long this one lasts…. i threw the fish in there because i just got some kikkoman “soya sauce for seafood dishes.” =D
4. Train up to running 30K distance over the running season.
5. Wipe out my credit card debt (by the middle of the year) and pay it off each month thereafter.

happy new year to everyone else and best of luck keeping your resolution(s)!

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