it’s good to be home

after my trip to seattle in may, i blogged, “it’s good to be home” because i was tremendously relieved to be back in canada. this time, it is from pure exhaustion and overstimulation (all good) that i re-iterate, “it’s good to be home!”

in the spring, my sister and i made a straight path from pike market to the space needle, a route that took us through an edgy part of town. this time, with a guide who obviously loves and knows the city, i got to… wander thoroughly through pike market * take in the mountain range view from the pier * amble around the trendy district bounded by 1st/5th and pike/university * walk through the business district and their fabulous library * stroll through historic pioneer square (reminds me of gastown) * walk around the stadiums that contain so much fanfare on the right day and time.

michelle also pointed me towards “the mitt,” which makes me giddy as the cut-out of a ball presents a great photo-op! =D

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  1. teahouse says:

    I’m sure it is!! Sounds like you haven’t been home in a while.

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