start my own meme : clothing inventory

christmas is a time of giving and i’ve made a non-perishable food item donation and used clothing donation (whew, my closet is a smidgen lighter now). while running through my closet for stuff that doesn’t get used much, i got to take inventory of all the stuff i cannot bear to part with yet and decided to start my own meme – consider it me trying to justify having 14 pairs of shoes, 12 bags, and 7 pieces of outerwear…. (i invite you to do the same with items – like shoes – you technically don’t need so many but just do!)

shoes (16)

  • brown (payless) suede-ish knee-high boots (49.99) – warm, comfortable and all stylin’ girls have one pair of knee-high boots; brown goes with everything
  • black nine-west “pumps” (59.99) – casually “dress up” a pair of jeans
  • black liz claiborne loafers (49.99) – for the preppy days (which are often)
  • brown-ycolumbia trail shoes (99.99) – great only with flare-leg jeans and so necessary for comfort days
  • pink-ish adidas supernova cushion runners (99.99) – for running, duh
  • black watch tartan slippers with amazingly soft navy microfleece (12.00USD) – for use in the kitchen, not that linoleum floors or vancouver gets really cold in the winter mornings….
  • navy kimono pattern slippers from VS gifted from the sister to match navy kimono-pattern pajamas that were christmas presents
  • rugby-theme green/blue old navy flip flops (9.99) – summer days of walking around the city (of which there were many)
  • red old navy flip flops (4.99) – ugly pair for taking to the beach and taking the garbage out
  • tan transit slippers (39.99) – a little bit of height and not to be too casual in the summer
  • terracotta aldo espadrilles (59.99) – a lot of height and dressy for summer
  • black transit slippers (29.99) – pretty much retired, didn’t wear them all summer
  • brown jessica pumps (15.00) – a real deal, and not often used in favour of the knee-highs
  • black le chateau “glam” flip flops (29.99) – kind of retired after a couple years’ use
  • brown new york transit satin-y slingbacks (29.99) – my “dancing shoes”
  • brown K9 shoes with orange laces – wide at the toe, they are comfortable and approaching cute to kick around in with jeans without the bulk (or insulation) of the columbias

bags (12)

  • black mec messenger bag (33.00) – was extensively used in past years as a school bag
  • black targus laptop bag (49.99) – obviously needed and used much more in past years
  • olive green mec carry-all bag (14.99) – for the weekend casual look… every weekend
  • black nylon tote (49.99) – converts between a small backpack and (as i wear it more often) a tote that is for more elegant days
  • graphic tote with b&w pictures of 40s glam models – really a carryall tote that i used as a schoolbag for a few months last year – it can carry snacks into a movie theater….
  • black mec carry-all bag (19.99) – daily used as a school satchel
  • dark green mec pack (69.99) – for “backpacking” trips (2 so far)
  • black jaguar (cheapo brand) hobo (15.99) – for the black days
  • brown th hobo (19.99) – for the brown days
  • wasabi green nine west hobo (24.99) – “designer” and not black or brown….
  • gray mec camelback (39.99) – for running, definitely underused
  • yellow vinyl winnie-the-pooh bag (7.99) – it’s a lunch bag that can be folded and tucked into the black mec carryall at the end of the day

outer (7) (this doesn’t even include numerous cardigans it’s warm enough to wear alone!)

  • pumice-colourlondon fog trench coat with hood (50.00usd) – everyone knows it rains a lot in vancouver!
  • white urban behaviour bubble jacket (59.99) – for skiing and casual
  • blue cheese mec bubble vest (48.00) – for not-so-cold autumn days and casual
  • black jacob coat (229.00) – for winter and instant dress-up
  • forest green corduroy h&m waistcoat (79.90) – for chillier autumn days and instant dress-up
  • black watch “cape” (60.00) – for the ego and dress-up
  • plum purple running room biker jacket (was a gift, 80.00) – light, for wet running days

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