All this travel is confuzzling!

Currently sitting in the tres swanky Maple Leaf Lounge (MLL) at LBP’s T1. Will jet off (literally) in about half an hour and – get this – my seat is 1A.

Yesterday, I had the most confoundingly confuzzling moment when walking around the Oriental Centre in Scar. and I couldn’t figure out what city I was in. In five days, I have been in London, Halifax, Toronto, and (shortly) Vancouver. Wild, I tell you.

Overly tired and overly stimulated, I will be back to regularity tomorrow. =D

On this day..


  1. NML says:

    You are officially a jetsetter! Safe home xx

  2. Yvett says:

    I’m glad you’re back to posting! I can’t wait to see pictures of your trip.

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