A little over fifteen years ago, a humble couple with two bratty daughters bought an acre of lakeside commercial property and started building upon it a beautiful two-storey brick building with plenty of arches and windows. And on January 15, 1991, with little fanfare (or so to this unperceptive writer it would seem), they threw open the doors and welcomed in the hungry public.

It’s hard to believe that fifteen years have passed. For normal people, that would mean five more years until retirement but that is probably not so for my parents. Out of “business policy,” we’ve dined at other restaurants in the city (and province) and I still come back and say that hands-down, our egg rolls are easily the best to be found. We happily make a party tray of our five kinds of egg rolls and other appies. ;)

In the picture, our “mixed egg roll” with pork and cabbage in a slight curry flavour (1.35), our original spring roll with chinese mushrooms, bamboo shoots, water chesnuts, and pork (1.95), and our meat egg roll with beef and onions (1.60).

These egg rolls and an extensive Chinese and “Hot & Spicy” menu are available at Unit J – 100 Ilsley Avenue (Weekdays for lunch) and 693 Main Street (Dinner, seven days a week), Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

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  1. NML says:

    Gosh. Happy 15 year anniversary. It’s good to stay on top of the market and know what your competitors are doing. They look delicious and I immediately felt hungry!

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