The London Recap

(Finally, the vacation pictures are posted, you watch the slideshow – some 350 pictures! – by clicking this link.)

I haven’t the faintest idea where to start. My cousin asked me what my favourite moment has been and I was stumped. Upon further reflection, I can answer as follows –

Most surreal moment(s)
realizing that two British landmarks towered over during New Year’s Eve festivities – the London Eye and Big Ben.
the feeling of total anarchy on the streets of London after fireworks and the police were broadcasting messages over speakers installed in the streets – can anyone say 1984?
the last day in Trafalgar Square watching the human and car traffic like one removed and thinking, “I’m really here! And I’m really leaving!”

Most delicious moment(s)
my first innocent “thickie”
aloo corn at Mirsch Masala

Most enlightening moment
The Islam exhibit at the British Museum

Most seedy moment
Walking up a deserted alley in broad daylight towards St. Paul’s Cathedral and being shown a guy’s personal and lecherous business. Fortunately, he was on the other side of the street; God knows what I would have done if he wasn’t!

Most scary moment
The guy in Brixton who followed on our heels for two blocks singing a diddy in our ears and we couldn’t shake him

Most swanky/dowdy moment
The swanky venue was Digress with the adorable NML, the dowdy was yours truly in her traveling garb

Most wet moment
Any time in the afternoon of the 30th – but it was a museum day with Su. : Science Museum, Natural History Museum, and Victoria & Albert Museum

Most jaw-dropping moment
Any time you step into any of St. Paul’s Cathedral (ding-ding dong-dong), Southwark Cathedral (Gothic awe), and St. Martins-in-the-Field (meditative space amidst the touristy and chaotic Trafalgar Square area)

Best (clothes) shopping moment
Hands-down H&M, where in under five minutes I found a denim skirt for £7.50 (~15.00CAD). In ten minutes, I added a long burgundy corduroy skirt for £9.99 (~20.00CAD).

Best shopping moment
Procuring a white umbrella with the Underground map (pictured here) on it for £9.99 (~20.00CAD)

Most England moment
Anytime that I’ve been alone and navigating the city by Underground – it isn’t bad in the least.

Most comfortable moment
Chilling in my cous’ flat that is a delicious and homey blend of old (exterior) and new (interior).

Most wild shopping moment(s)
post-Christmas sales at Topshop – too wild for me… and the styles weren’t right
duty-free shopping at Heathrow is an upscale shopping mall in its own right

The nutter in me kept track of every p(enny) spent –
9-day total £347.94 (£61.70 in Tube and train passes)
dent on the VISA £94.38
declarable goods ~ £183.27
just for me £95.43
for others £88.72

On this day..


  1. NML says:

    Wow that is really impressive! The photos were fabulous. I was showing them to my work colleagues! I daren’t keep total when I’m on hols but my mum has just banned me from taking one as I am planning to buy my own home this year. Boo! It was delightful to meet you and you looked gorgeous!

  2. Thushara says:

    I certainly won’t forget that Brixton moment either! ;)

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