Me vs. The Singletons

So I went on Friday night to this singles/clubbing thing at the Commodore. There is a moderately diplomatic recap at Vancouver Metblog. But here I get to rub my hands in glee and make fun of the sights and delights. =D

Most lame opening line: “Hi, you’re hot. I play ice hockey, I have a motorcycle, and I drive a Mazda RX-8.” Greattttt.

Most inviting line: “Will you dance with me?” (No.) “Then can I spank you?” (Cue me running away. Then later on,) “Will you pretend to be my girlfriend for five minutes?” (Oh alright… and I stood there while he shimmied around and on me to AC/DC’s “Shook me all night long.” Then I ran away again.)….

I learned from the guys who approached me that Asian guys are either shy or don’t find me alluring – the second explanation is completey confounded with the lurid clubbing atmosphere we were all steeped in and some of my “competition” were completely tart-up. I learned that the best-looking guy in the club (in my opinion) isn’t necessarily going to be my type nor am I his. I also concluded that the three guys I went (and left) with are far more eligible than the gaggle of guys I met… in terms of them going somewhere in life – which says something about my standards and I’m fine with that as well.

(Which brings me to finally being willing to try speed-dating. But I am in absolutely no rush at all to go to my first event.)

Before going any further, I have to figure out my type to be able to encapsulate it succinctly. It would greatly help things.