Should I or shouldn’t I?

When I said after Cupid’s Ball I was open to trying speed-dating, I had no idea an opportunity would present itself so soon in the form of an Asian Speed Dating event coming up on March 15.

Given my predilections, perhaps I shouldn’t let this opportunity pass and otherwise have to go to some other event where the demographics inside represent the demographics outside (i.e., 25% Chinese in Vancouver).

Overwhelmingly I’m leary about going because the Asian girls who stand out are the ones who tend to be moderately insane, piling on the make-up and deck out in Chanel, even in super-cas’ Vancouver. Another thing is – Am I ready?

What soothes my anxiety is what Shan. mentioned, that in the collection of people who gather, there are guys who want a Chinese Barbie type with a girly job and there are guys who will appreciate someone like me… someone sturdy (and purportedly brainier by virtue of being a Ph.D. student but I think that is grave stereotyping; must concoct a cute and jargon-free blurb about what I do).

So while a singles’ event in a club (like Cupid’s Ball) had a nice collection of hoochies and girls in cocktail dresses, one would hope a lounge setting will be more equalizing and personalities can shine through. Finally, Shan. also gave the most important advice to not go into it with any expectations – with that mindset, fun can be had.

On this day..