The V-Day Assessment

It was Valentine’s Day two years ago when I was chasing after a stupid fancy and came across the embodiment of everything I was looking for. The week before, I met a Navy officer in a club but lost him in the crowd so I was back the next week and ran into him instead. It’s quite unfathomable to think that two years have transpired since then – since sweet and flirty IM conversations and non-dates, a heady romance that became the relationship that crossed a country and then an ocean, the deepest heartache, and finally truly comfortable and friendly discourse….

Sometimes I feel like I’m the slowest person on the planet to bounce back but it’s not to say the past year has been completely devoid of attention – it’s just been a little spotty and localized to March, May, September, and January. None of it was real and that’s okay as I could barely expect anything with scheduled upheavals every four months at work/school. As I head into another year of the unknown, it’s with greater confidence that I can more than hack it and enjoy life until One Who is Worth It comes along and with him I’ll bounce back 100%.

On this day..