Do I have it in me to Giv’er?

I just realized that Mother’s Day (second Sunday in May) is one weekend before Victoria Day weekend (around May 21st, same weekend as Memorial Day weekend) which means (1) I can vacay an extra day out east and (2) I can participate in the Bluenose International Marathon!! Just think, VIM on May 7th, fly 4,000 miles across the country and do the Bluenose two weeks later….! Yeah, I’m that hardcore. =D

I should book that flight first, though….

Myles the marathon mascot, is so tantalizingly cute and the Bluenose name just appeals to my core much more than if they had called it the Halifax/Nova Scotia International Marathon.

As for why ‘Scotians are Bluenosers? Direct from the marathon website, with imperfect sentence structure –
Back to seafaring days when sailors and fishermen, off the coast of Nova Scotia, would wipe their runny noses on the sleeves of their navy blue, wool peacoats, the perfect substitute for a handkerchief. They would arrive back in port with their noses stained blue from the dye of their sleeves – Bluenoses. It is in their name, we run.

On this day..