For no good reason

For no good reason, I tend to remember the people who have birthdays around this time of the month… W (-6), JK (-3), Michelle (-1), RR (+6), KT (+7, on St. Patrick’s Day), and my cous Meg (+9).

This year, I made a cake (蛋糕) a la Chinese fruitcakes but not nearly as good since I used a Betty Crocker Vanilla cake mix and a non-traditional cream cheese frosting.

To maximize your luck, you can’t go subsituting a flour cake that rises with cheesecake or ice cream cake. In Chinese, 蛋糕 (cake) is homonymous with 彈高, which means to “bounce high,” and eating a flour-cake is thinly veiled symbolism for ascending in life this year.

So here’s to everyone having a great year!

On this day..