I booked!

It’s a benign trip across my home country (all 4,000 miles) but it’s $675.00 so, like one of my nerdy co-workers about to push the button to make some possibly disastrous change to his Linux system, I was panting with anxiety. But then there is that shopaholic part of me that is all-too-eager to click a “Submit” button and make a purchase from the comfort of my home and think about how many Aeroplan miles this trippie will garner me (675/3 + 675/2 + 3000 = 3,562 for booking on aircanada.com, using Aeroplan VISA, and flying the miles, respectively)….

So I’m in Toronto for about 20 hours (Sat. May 13), then in Halifax from Mother’s Day (May 14) until Victoria Day (May 22)… maybe. Two days ago, some uncertainty was introduced to my plans…. As it currently stands, I have a three-hour layover in Calgary. I love that city and hope to get a chance to go to lunch….?

Now that that’s been booked, I can concentrate on how on earth I’m funding a trip to Europe in the summer (have no fear Yil., if all else fails, I’m cashing in frequent flyer miles and stay only a week centering on your nuptials)!

On this day..