Like I needed more extra-curricular reading….

Had one of those sorely missed afternoons to myself on Sunday and wandered between MEC, La Senza, and The Running Room….

MEC was wild on a Sunday afternoon. All those nutter Vancouverites gearing up for sporty spring seasons filled with cycling, climbing, kayaking, and the like. I picked up a sleeveless vibrant raspberry v-neck top of an organic material at the clearance rate of $17.00.

Note to self that if I keep on buying sleeveless shirts, to religiously do tricep dips and push-ups. =S

At Granville, I couldn’t help ducking into La Senza where I bypassed all the what’s-a-single-girl-gonna-do-with-more-frilly bras and found two adorable graphic t-shirts ($8.50 each) and this jacket from their Spirit line that is the stuff of dreams. The fabric is amazingly smooth, it is entirely seam- and label-less, has a back pocket for my mp3 player, tailored, flattering bottom hem, elegantly curved cuff at the wrist, a little bit of a turtleneck, and hidden front zipper for just $59.50.

Goodness knows, Lulu Lemon has it too, except I avoid LLL on warped moral (read : anti Vancouverite yogic) principles.

It gets better – because they didn’t have my size, I ordered it online (in juicy kiwi) and got free shipping and an additional exclusive 15% discount for customers using VISA!!

Finally, I made it to The Running Room where I held a giftcard (thanks F.!) and splurged on I Run, Therefore I am Nuts!, a collection of humourous essays, and a cute and pretty pink MP3 armband for those days when I’m sleeveless.

Yeah, that was an incredibly satisfying afternoon. =D

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