The Excuse Factory

I can concoct the most inane excuses to not go running.

Last Monday, the excuses that tried to be were….
“But I ate really well today after that junkfest weekend. That should be good enough.” “I feel sick from the sudden, shocking change in diet after the weekend; I shouldn’t run when sick.” “I don’t have my digital watch.” (But I had everything else.)

I ended up going for a great run.

This Monday….
“I didn’t get into work until 11. In the interest of getting to go home before midnight… no run!” “It’s too nice a day to spoil by having to go out and get sweaty!” “I’m too bloody sore from skiing on Saturday.” (Which is so true and goodness knows if I had alleviated it or done worse with an hour of yoga and lots of city walking on Sunday.)

Pushed it off to Tuesday, a day of 60% POP (probability of precipitation). Joy.

On this day..