The Link

I was trying to figure out why I’m so down about not being a competitor in the upcoming dance competition, the Gala Ball.

I know I’m partly to blame despite the fact that my previous partner and I mutually dumped each other. I went on a search for someone better-looking who could also dance but bided my time, wasn’t overly aggressive towards whom I asked, and used about the same tactics that I do in my real non-love life and come away with the same status : bafflingly single. However, in ballroom dance, single doesn’t get you anywhere at all. Being single in real life is an opportunity to learn about yourself but being single in dance means sitting out, being a wallflower.

Besides drawing the obvious comparison to my non-love life, I realized that I’m frustrated because I know I’m a good dancer/girl and if someone would have the sense to express interest, he would be thrilled to be with me. And when I draw the comparison too far, I’m a little afraid that in dance, like in real life, the best years of my life are slipping by and whoever ends up with me later will find someone more crochety, independent (unable to be a good follower, in dance terms), and who maybe no longer able to do the splits.

Because, you know, being able to do the splits opens many doors….