Trippin’ rantin’

I did a quick check for some flights I’m taking in the near future….

Vancouver-Halifax-Toronto-Halifax in May –
Aeroplans’ 25K flights are gone. First the red-eye flights were gone, then the daytime ones. I thought that red-eyes would be the last ones to go – who wants that kind of punishment? All that’s left is the 37.5K flights. Yech. For cross-Canada?
Aventura still has 30K flights, including the time-saving red-eye ones.
I’m considering just plunking down the odd $700 this trip would cost but must first ask Mummy the Points Expert if it’s worth it. (It’s generally never worth it to fly a Canadian carrier.)

You see, I want to access the rapidly dwindling Family Fund of frequent flyer points for my bigger trip in the summer to Europe for Yil.’s wedding.
I nearly keeled over in my seat to see that Vancouver-Germany return trips are $1500 (before taxes). A quick search for Vancouver-Shanghai trips for the same time and it is a mere $950. Using points to go to Europe (a mere 60K) is the wisest way to go and I’ll just pay for the flight to to Asia (would be 70K in points).

Which means my piddling Aeroplan balance is utterly useless unless I book a within-Canada trip at least three months in advance but who has that much foresight….?

On this day..