I was a little disappointed that by the time a dance (omigosh, are we back in high school??) rolled around on April 1st the interest had waned amongst even the biggest enthusiasts that I was the only one of the “dancing group” to go. Because I wanted my pin! The first thing F. noticed was the Birks label (like a Canadian poor man’s Tiffany’s) and I will let on that there is a sticker under the box that reads, “Copper Ballroom”.

You see, I’m the kind of person who can “prove” my accomplishments by storing them in a tin full of Canada Fitness Awards badges, Red Cross swimming badges, figure skating badges, a couple of skiing pins, RCM certificates, and – more recently – finishers’ medals from marathons!

My continuing quest to find an activity that will make me famous allow me to perform in front of a crowd of tens of thousands hundreds, brought me to the DanceSport Formation Team information session. While I briefly considered attending the audition (yesterday), I ultimately decided to refrain. It’s not my style. Next option is to explore the traditional dancing route….

On this day..