Brown rice and vegetables

There are some movies (like Flashdance and Indecent Proposal) where you watch it again and cringe at the thought that you thought it was good. Those protagonists didn’t seem quite so unbearably twitty on first viewing. Showgirls is another campy movie that I confess to watching with freakish alertness should it be aired in the wee hours of the morning.

It’s because of the dancing in Flashdance and Showgirls that I re-watch them… and the lack of which is why I don’t watch Indecent Proposal….

In the most recent viewing, it impressed upon me how Elizabeth Berkley’s character was advised to keep her weight as it was with a strict diet of brown rice and vegetables. I do cook brown rice instead of white if my entree has enough sauce, but I don’t quite know how to dress up vegetables aside from the usual margarine/garlic, thai/japanese/indian curry, or “beef with tomatoes” sauce. The thought of very plain BR&V may very well taste, as Elizabeth Berkley’s character said, like “dog food.”

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