Conquer your fears

An invitation was extended to me to join guys for a poker night on Friday and I accepted and proceeded to convince myself not to freak out. Afterall, I knew nothing more than the various hands you strive for (straight, full house, two pair….). That is but the tip of the iceberg….

Could a girl go into the lion’s den with more misconceptions? Contrary to everything I had imagined, it was not smoky in the least, not a whole lot of alcohol was imbibed, trash-talking was not so bad to make me squirm, the game was very slow-going, and the guys were nice!

They were dreadfully serious at some points and once there was a near-dispute where I wanted to shout, “It’s just a game!” but thought better of it. I wouldn’t want someone to tell me not to be so obsessive about blogging. =P