Friday Randomness

(Because I know not everyone cares about some 10K run in Vancouver.)

Cute things I recently came across –

Something to look forward to in your 40s – membership into the Red Hat Ladies Society. Computer geeks will know what I thought it was when I first heard about it but, no, it’s a cool worldwide group for golden women with attitude.

I think it was two blog-incarnations ago where I wondered about learning languages through song. Today I read about Earworms, where lessons are rhythmically delivered to specially composed musical backdrop. You can listen to demos at the website.

Sometimes there is an advertisement that I can’t resist watching even though I’ve come to know every nuance. The current one is for Dairy Queen’s Dream Pie Blizzard (YouTube link). I just love how the guy goes from being ecstatic he has a baby son (“Yes!”) to being in the most hilarious position in his wife’s reverie (“You did this to me!”). How much does my affinity to the advert have to do with it being an Asian couple? Blah…..

On this day..