Sun Run 2006

When I did the Sun Run last year, it drizzled throughout and I was alone in a crowd of 50,000.

I didn’t think I would do it again, afterall, there are so many registrants it hardly qualifies as a serious race. Last year, I was part of the “white group” (59:00-69:00 10K finish time) and we pushed along at a snail’s pace for about twenty minutes after the gun went off and still hadn’t crossed the start line. Given my 57-odd minute finish last year, I’m slotting myself into the “green group” (48:00-58:00) and be several thousand people ahead.

While last year I entertained myself reading people’s team/company and feeling even more alone as an individual registrant, this year not only is part of my registration sponsored (yay!) by BCCA (my workplace), Aventis, and Roche Oncology, but I’m giving something for people to read, too!

On this day..