The Sun Run Recappie (Year 2)

Sun Runners
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(Updated with full results at the end of the post.)

So the whole thing went down.

Why don’t I sound uber-excited? Because I was about 2:30 off last year’s time. =( Was it the training (or lack of), although I wasn’t great last year either. Was it the weather (uncomfortably hot vs. nice and drizzly but uncomfortable rain gear)?

The course, same as last year, was alright. Too much running around Vancouver that the races in the city become a bit tedious. I’m coming to realize that the stretches that are particularly boring, and hence tough, are flat, winding, and there are people as far as you can see. (Must be continued trauma from the Toronto Half.)

The first five K were spectacular. I was averaging about 5:30 per kilometers, did the first five in 28 minutes. If I could have kept up that pace, I was on track to beating last year’s finish. But it didn’t feel sustainable, plus the novelty of the whole race had quite worn off. It might be me and a Halfway Point complex. I forgot to divert myself thinking about how much pasta I imbibed yesterday at Chianti Cafe. (Incidentally, there is a Cafe Chianti in Halifax which I miss so much! Mmmm, stewed octopus… and an awesome maitre d’.)

The point where I really melted was after the 8K mark. We were somewhere along 4th and I was utterly bored, it being a stretch of road I had run many times last year. Between 8- and 9K, I liberally took breaks. A 30-second walk here. A 90-second walk there, even though my “routine” is 10-minute run followed by 1-minute walk. This was with full knowledge that I didn’t have many minutes of room to beat last year’s time or to come in under an hour, for that matter.

I might not do the Sun Run next year now that this year was completely different – sunshine vs. rain, with friends after the races vs. alone, and entering as part of a team vs. registering as an individual. After all those differences, the course stays aggravatingly the same and my track record shows, I don’t redo races!

Full Results here.
For me in particular –
Chip time 1:00:03 =(
6:00:28/kilometer or 9:40:00/mile
11,579th overall (field of 39,399)
3,904th amongst females (field of 22,395)
754th amongst women 25-29 (field of 3,153)

On this day..

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  1. teahouse says:

    Wow, that is terrific!! Congratulations on finishing! You really have a lot of reasons to be proud of yourself!

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