All the gory details

All I had to eat yesterday was cereal, a glass of juice, an All-Bran bar, and a chai latte. Then I went I went for a 15K run jaunt.

Where on earth does one get the energy? From knowing that a good home-cooked meal and family-time awaited at the end? Nope. From knowing that a long run is essential to build stamina and confidence for next week’s race? Nope. From learning yesterday that both W. and I are “overweight” according to BMI measurements when you take into account the Asian Adjustment. You bet.

Sunday’s 15K sojourn would mark the second-to-longest training run I’ve ever undertaken. (The longest was back in Halifax, about 17K between my old house and Dalhousie, my university.) Remarkable observations include the absence of Mushy Left Ankle at 10K (yay). But at 1hr15, left knee pain set in. Just great. And at 1hr20, a tendon from my right foot up my calf on the inside went sore. Bugger. I stopped about 12 blocks short of my aunt’s and while walking my right knee also started to hurt. This is all a preview for next week!

I also learned that the stretch on UBC campus that is University Boulevard is picturesque and quite a joy to run. Lined with pink cherry blossoms at present, it’s nice to enter a little haven that supports much less traffic and the traffic signals are far in between. Following that, I re-visited the sheer boredom that 16th Avenue back out to Blanca, alongside Pacific Spirit Park. Yech. While University Boulevard was like a stimulating and nice run through the ‘burbs, 16th was like running on the Transcanada – miles to go alongside a quiet boulevard with only wilderness on either side of the street.

After a great meal (steak), I was the fourth leg for two rounds (?) of mahjong. I won the first game and didn’t manage to pull it together in time for the next seven. =P That was truly beginner’s luck happening.

On this day..