Best Workout EVER

My original copy of the New York City Ballet Workout was badly damaged in last year’s flood and I had to find another copy. Only carries the softcover version while only carries the DVD version and I want both! Since ballet was my original training, I’d much rather do those stretches than yoga (cornerstone of a Vancouverite existence) that necessitates exorbitantly priced apparel to keep up with the Jones.

Since was having bonus, I placed a Chapters order for –
* the NYC Ballet Workout ($21.77),
* It Must’ve Been Something I Ate (the foodie that I am, and found it in the “bargain bin” for $7.99), and
* the Lonely Planet German Phrasebook (for $10.95, because Lonely Planet is the way to go when you already have a grasp of the language).

On this day..