Go International

Before the whole kerfuffle about doing a full-marathon this year (more on that later), there were three half/marathons taking place on August 27th that caught my eye –
* Longford Marathon & Half Marathon in Ireland,
* The ING Brussels Marathon & Half Marathon in Brussels, and
* Quebec City Marathon & Half Marathon in Quebec City which is, by all accounts a city with heavy European flavour (plus the fact it’s French-speaking).

Most exciting – Brussels… isn’t that an awesome arch? Ergo ING is a fun corporate sponsor.
Most picturesque – Quite possibly a three-way tie.
Most realistic – Quebec!! (A gorgeous course by all accounts.)

Psst, does she ever think about anything besides running? (Answer: Yes… sometimes.)

Traveling to run proved to be a challenge last year because you can’t go wild the days before (no partying in Calgary with other Stampeders =() or sample lots of indulgent food (hearkens the Toronto experience =S). August 27 is at the tail end of my Big Summer Vacation so, realistically, I won’t have trained while on vacay as much as it would be super-cool to train in Germany. So I guess Quebec will have to wait until another year and be at the start of the vacation so I can party the other half away!

I think the only feasible way to go international this year is to register for the shockingly over-priced Seattle Marathon ($65 USD half-marathon, even for the early bird!). It falls on (American) Thanksgiving weekend when I anticipate amidst studying for my comps (read: big, nasty oral exam you take 2 months off work to study for). The early bird deadline is today….

On this day..