It finally happened

Everyone’s left and Halifax is like a ghost town.

Yil. left before I even returned in ’99. (I’ve wondered what it would have been like to stay in Halifax since she’s a better influence than I ever have been on myself. =S) Mona left some time before I did. She has been like a moving target but now she’s taken up a relatively permanent residence back in Canada. And amidst a great deal of uncertainty and excitment, the two stalwarts who stuck around the longest, Vinnie and Andrew, moved due to jobs very recently. (Of course, the peripheral people, like Li. and W, left and their absence makes the city seem all the emptier.) Only Andrew and I – for the reason of immediate family being here – would return on occasion. Weird.

The hub where we all met seems eerily quiet and I guess that is just the way the world turns.

On this day..