The Toronto Recap

Wake-up call
Whenever I see Big Ex, I get reminded about what is important in life and of the cost and rewards of self-sacrifice. He simply exudes it. If only the effect were long-lived. It is all upon me, afterall.

Lessons from H&M –
* To layover on a weekday. 20 minutes each time for the changing room line?!
* I hate spring/summer clothing. It is often too flimsy.
* H&M lingerie is a fabulous fit – especially when 50% off! (Hence bras were 8.45 and panties were 4.95!!) So of course I got two!
* I can shrink my waist to XS but not the ribcage. I had to forgo the most beautiful shirt.* =(
* U.S. sizing that is not vanity-sizing-adjusted is so deflating. I’m a size 6 or 8….!

Other Randomness in Transit –
* At 6 a.m., YYZ (Toronto airport) shops are open for business. Nice.
* The trend is to pick up Star*bucks at YVR (Vancouver airport) and Tim Horton’s at YYZ. Tim’s tea and a bagel with cream cheese is cheaper than a latte – funny that!
* Airports rock at dusk when it is still light enough to see everything but dark enough to turn the lights on.
* Getting caught up on your movies as a result of long flights – The New World while eastbound; Casanova King Kong on the way back.
* A surreal sight: At Spring Rolls, a thin Chinese-looking man asks a seven-foot plus Indian man “Monday is sing kay yut?” The Indian man answers, “Sing kay yut. Sup mm ho.” I’m guessing the Chinese-looking guy is actually Thai. Usually people pick up Mandarin, not Cantonese – rock on.
* Thanks to S.’s new abode, we trekked into Toronto’s colourful eastside not once but four times.
* In my row of three on the flight, we all watched the in-flight movie and unanimously gave it a bad rating when the credits rolled. They were the friendliest seatmates ever. And they hale from Ontario. The guy to my left goes to Shanghai eight times a year while the girl to my right did an Asia tour last year. The Chinese girl wedged in the middle? 17-year dry spell…. =(

* Taupe-coloured three-quarter length sleeves with embroidered ribbing. A flap folds over creating a deep V-neck and secures by button at the left. Retailing 39.90 and was only available in size 4 (XS) or 10 (M).

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  1. teahouse says:

    Hey, it’s very envious to have a small waist but large chest ;o) Lucky you!

  2. Anna May Won't says:

    i think h&m clothes run small. i’m a 6 or 8 at h&m but a 2 at the gap. or maybe the gap runs big. :(

  3. wyn says:

    It’s the *ribcage* that is big, haha. It’s okay since then I know it’s not a fat-thing….

    H&M have, I think, “real sizing,” what real size 6’s and 8’s are. Gap and Old Navy (I don’t know about Banana Republic) are severely flattering your ego with vanity-sizing. I’m small or XS at Gap and Old Navy.

  4. Su-Lin says:

    I’ve found that clothes at H&M and at Zara assume that you’re stick straight up and down. The jeans fit at the hips, but don’t taper to the waist. And dresses fit nicely at the waist but the shoulders and hips are too tight! One size up and you have no more waist of which to speak!

  5. Su-Lin says:

    Are H&M clothes in UK sizes? Because a UK size 6 is a US size 0 and and 8 in a US size 2.

    I too am an xs/0-2/6-8 size.

  6. Pandax says:

    I agree with Su-Lin about the shoulders. Without lycra some of those halter tops are tough to slip off when you have what are apparently broad shoulders.

  7. wyn says:

    While waiting for a changing room I saw the sizing conversion for the sizes you will see in labels in H&M –
    XS = 0,2
    S = 4,6
    M = 8,10
    Then I stopped reading. There were also measurements in inches for your bust/waist/hip but I didn’t remember those.
    I thought UK sizes were in the range of 34-40something, that US sizes were the ones 0-14. But then an H&M size 4 needs further translation to, say, a Gap size 0….

  8. NML says:

    Hehe. I’m a small waist big bust girl. I’m in good company ;)

  9. Su-Lin says:

    The sizes that read ~34 are European sizes.

  10. Miss 604 says:

    i got a bikini at the H&M in boston for 10 bucks. simple black, with a lil dragon on the right front, and on the back of the bottoms — best purchase ever!

    i never know what size i am, i’ve walked into one store before and ended up with size 3 pants, with a large shirt and medium skirt (and then size 6 pants at the same place a week later) who knows these days — i find shoe sizes are sometimes just as ‘off’

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