“You bring out the best in me”

It’s the end of an era – ten years of 7th Heaven. I didn’t watched most of it but made sure to catch the last episodes which aired the past month. Even so, I always identified with “Mary” (Jessica Biel’s character), the royal screw-up who was incidentally about my age.

Aside from everything wrapping up perfectly in the cheesiest, implausible fashionMatt and Sarah, fellow graduands from medical school, secretly eloped and are pregnant… with twin boys! Kevin and Lucy have learned the sex of their child…ren… boys! And we learn that Mary finally finished her degree, that she and her husband have reconciled and are expecting… twin girls! – we learned in the last weeks that all the Camdens have inscribed in their wedding bands, “You bring out the best in me”….

That really sums up what I’m looking for, what I’m holding out for. Meeting nice and good people is difficult but it happens. Someone who inspires me is the result of all of the important characteristics being present and that extra ingredient – chemistry. That has happened, too. I’d like to think I’ve inspired a person or two in the past, as well. But finding someone with whom the inspiration is mutual….?

It was a pleasantly realistic arc for the 7th Heaven writers to not have Simon’s wedding go through. They could get married but refrained to find the people they were really meant to be with. While in terms of dating this has been the dreariest stretch ever, it’s okay – I can wait because with someone who is not inspiring just one date will feel like an eternity in itself, in quite a bad way.

On this day..