“How to Get the Guy”

Upon my sister’s suggestion – she thinks I’m in dire need of help =P – I tuned into this dating reality series, How to Get the Guy. It is guilty amounts of fun on a Monday night since you can see yourself in each of the four women – Kris who needs to learn to be serious, Anne who is always just a friend, Michelle who is so career-oriented she doesn’t relate to dating any longer, and Alissa who doesn’t mesh with people outside her circle.

There was more advice pulled from The Manual regarding appropriate date behaviour for later-20s and early-30s girls – people my age – that proved to be quite timely. The Male Love Coach quiped, “A first date without a kiss is an appointment. If you like him, kiss him.” Those funny Americans. You can’t believe everything you hear – I am too Victorian that I’d rather state my interest on paper/email or spoken, thank you very much.

And the part we delighted the most over? Another Male Love Coach one-liner: “The best thing you can do between a first and second date is to go on a first date with someone else!” If we could all be swimming in options….

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