It’s relative

I used to run alone 10 out of 10 sessions. I hated it. Now, with the training clinic and run clubs, three of five weekly sessions are with a fantastic and diverse group. Now, I find myself looking forward to twice-weekly solitary runs where I control the music, route, and pace. =D

Doing a mixture of runs trains your heart and body in various facets from (killer) hill runs to steady runs (no break, sub-race pace) to tempo runs (up to race pace) to super long LSD runs (long-slow-distance). When you train with everyone from first-time marathoners to Boston-qualifiers, you’re pushed to not lose sight of the speedsters and I’m definitely outpacing myself over the week (resoundingly failing the “talk-sing test”). Weekday runs, albeit only 8- or 10-K are brutal. As a result, despite it being much longer, I look forward to Sunday’s 16K that is steadily ramping up to 32K…!

On this day..