Lies upon lies

Whoever said running was cool, lied. Thus far, I have been getting along with my camel-pack but warmer weather demands skimpier clothing and the camel-pack straps chafe….. =(

It is finally time to succumb and procure a water belt. The most cost-efficient is the water bottle belt that brings back memories of one particularly uncool boyfriend and besides, I need to carry both water and Gatorade.

Which all leads to… the Fuel Belt. Isn’t it positively ridiculous-looking? This 8-bottle number retails for $51.99 and I think, “Why not?” A 4-bottle version costs $49.99 so for $2 more, you get four extra bottles! Now I have to forgo two handbags from Vanwes, across the street from the money-draining The Running Room. =(

Whoever said running was cheap/free, lied. Sweat-wicking clothing to keep up with the Lululemonheads ($35+), double-layer socks in abundance ($12), new runners every 400 miles ($120+), race registration ($60+) and associated travel/accomodations costs ($100s) – those are just the essentials. Granted while it’s still not an expensive sport by far, it is also far from free.

On this day..