It’s all fine and well to find and connect with your center. But do you really need to do it downtown on a Friday evening after a measly 3K run, forcing people to weave around you? (Not the person pictured here.) I’d like to see Yoga Girl try her little spiral while gliding on a sheet of ice balanced on the edge of a 4-mm steel blade – see how compose she is then….

Sunday was my first LSD (Long-Slow-Distance) Run with the (free) Running Room Run Club. These runs are minimum 9K/one-hour jaunts at a slow pace that leaves you able to hold a conversation. While clinic members show up, so do many other runners following their own training schedule. Since over the course of 16 weeks I’ll get to know fellow clinic members quite well, it was refreshing to see all the other people who are also training for a marathon, particularly the cute ones…. Yeah, I’m looking forward to my next LSD….