Sucker for the swag

Image from Flickr user klwatts

It was in Zellers where I saw mannequins donning HBC Run for Canada technical t-shirts and realized – omigosh – the bib number is imprinted on the t-shirt! Not only that, 10K’ers will get a medal… not that I’m a metal-hoarder… okay, maybe I am.

I’m psyched. It’s a Stanley Park Seawall run and in two years I have been here, I still haven’t done that route yet. Plus, my Sun Run 10K sucked this year.

This time, I invite you to participate even more than reading my blog everyday (or sporadically) by making a pledge under my name if you have spare donation funds lying around – proceeds go towards bursaries for top Canadian athletes. If you know my full name, you can pledge online; if you don’t know/forgot it, just contact me at silverviolet996[at]hotmail[dot]com with your pledge information. Many thanks in advance.

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