10 Simple pleasures

Thushara tagged me and, simply put, this was a pleasure to mull over and write out. Thanks! =D

1. A cool morning run on the Seawall with just my mp3 player (no keys to get back in).
2. Early morning sun streaming through the blinds, checking mail and chatting with friends in the AST/EST while sipping pulpy OJ.
3. Steaming 奶茶… or Red Rose (black tea) made with condensed milk.
4. The uncomplicated and unwavering affection of a dog.
5. Jeans hanging just right and hair flipping in easily.
6. Driving down a country road at night with the sunroof open or the top down.
7. Comfortably warm sunny day reading on the grass in a park.
8. Sitting water-level in a kayak out where civilization can’t get to you.
9. That song you didn’t expect to play that carries you back in time.
10. Just girls. Wine. Chick flick in the background. Gossiping about boys.

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