Burgeoning Diversity

Weekends are so tiring! But fun. =D They are so overwhelming I didn’t get around to posting until mid-Monday!

Friday night, The Sister and I went to fellowship night/gospel meeting at the Vancouver Christian Assembly. It was nice to be in a church and meditate and praise but – holy – did the invited speaker get fire and brimstone at the end. It left a bad taste in your mouth so we went for xue gao hong dou bing (red bean drink with ice cream) at Cafe Gloucester on Cambie. =)

Saturday, we were up at 8 and off to do the Grouse Grind (90-minute finish time!) and then IHOP for really satisfying breakfast. Then we went to Kits beach where – I’m going to whine now – the sand was too freakin’ hot, the water was dirty, and shards of broken shells peppered the entire beach. Looking around at the scenery, Vancouver can come off like a California-wannabe – there, I’ve said it.

We didn’t stay long as then we had to clean up and see a cousin who is visiting from China. Fun times – the (extended) family is so kooky. Then, I was a dodgeball groupie – this time I did not participate but instead watched and took short video clips. It was hilarious to see The Sister get educated about grown-up dodgeball. =P

Finally, for the most civilized part of the day, J- and I went for drinks and food at Earl’s. How much activity and fun I can be up for doesn’t cease to amaze me….

Sunday was not any easier when seven hardcore (runner) ladies met up at 7:30 for our 23.4-kilometer run. It was fantastic to get it out of the way by 11:17 a.m.! =D I was positively miserable for two hours after the run but bounced back and we went to the aquarium and then the night market. Man oh man, it was so much fun to cobble together a dinner from the various food kiosks!

Next weekend, we do it all again! Different activities, of course, but reprising totally tire ourselves out and have loads of fun. =D