Empty nest no more

I joke that my sister summers in Vancouver, slumming it in her “cottage” (a.k.a. my 400-sq.ft. apartment).

She arrived two weeks ago for her seven weeks and while we’ve been stuffing our weekends to the gills, I’m still bursting with a wishlist of activities!

* go kayaking – False Creek will suffice (EcoMarine?)
* go horseback-riding – an expedition with one of my younger cousins who is positively nuts about horses
* hang out at the beaches/Seawall (Celebration of Light provides four big nights for that) (Done.)
* Enlist her in a dodgeball tournament (Done.)
* Check out Taste of the City (July 29th)
* Check out Illuminaries at Trout Lake – looks dazzling (July 29th)
* Go to Eatery, Clubhouse (?), Shota and/or Yuji’s, for starters, for “out-there” Japanese food
* Go to Victoria – a day trip over the August long weekend
* Go to Vancouver Aquarium (Offer) (Done.)
* Go to Run Club… my new running family
* Go to a winery? Okanagan?
* Go to the Robson Square dance lessons on Friday nights
* Go to International Buddhist Temple

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