HBC Run for Canada Recap

C. suggested that my drug of choice is endorphins (the runner’s high) to which I responded, “What the h*ll is that?” I’ve heard of it, but I don’t regularly feel it such that I’m hooked on getting it every time around. I think I got it around 56 minutes into the run… incidentally that was when it was over! I was so happy and inspired. Inspired with blog-fodder. Lol.

It was absolutely fantastically fabulous. Awesome course around Stanley Park so you’re in the shade on the north side and it pushes you back around Lost Lagoon instead of subjecting you to the sunny Second Beach stretch. The course is flat. The whole race is so patriotic – red & white shirts, playing the national anthem before the race, and many a fellow participant wearing Canadian flag capes.

These are the reasons why HBC 2006 was so much better than Sun Run 2006 –
* Weighing 7 pounds less
* Being three months better trained
* Having proper shoes
* Not that boring Sun Run route
* Wearing proper sweat-wicking clothing
* Learning since then and practicing steady runs and tempo runs (i.e., NO BREAKS) of distances between 6k and 10K
* Pledgees who expect something of me

I got yet another red t-shirt – this is getting to be not funny. To HBC’s credit, it’s a fairly nice t-shirt – tailored, embellished, personalized, and all that. However, they had an impressive goody bag consisting of –
* an HBC Run for Canada towel (good only for mopping up sweat) * set of Goody hair elastics * sample of Tetley Roiboos tea * sample of Motrin * sample of Excel Night Chill * full-size tube of nelsons arnileve (pain-relief) cream * nelsons arnileve pain-relieving pills * one 3M adhesive hook * trial size of Hershey’s Kissables (yum!) * trial size of Chocolate Bowl Dark Chocolate-covered Cranberries * coupon for buy-one-get-one-free McDonald’s Deli Sandwiches

I’d like to thank each of my pledgees: Gary, Paul, Frank, Jeff, Ying, and Louie. Running for a cause made all the difference.

Finally, here are all my stats
84th of 362 Women
23rd of 64 Women age 19-29
257th of 703 Total finishers
56:04 Gun Time (56:00 Chip Time – I was near the start!)

On this day..


  1. NML says:

    Well done! I’m very impressed with you :-)

  2. Michelle says:

    Good Job! I feel bad though, that I wasn’t able to pledge in time. You’ll have to run another benefit race. ;)

  3. wyn says:

    That’s okay, Michelle. =) I noticed that pledging closed early – according to Eastern Standard Time, perhaps. Next time (probably next year), I’ll know it’s okay to go and hound people. I haven’t done the pledging/raising money effort in quite a while.

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