Planner Extraordinaire

It being summer with The Sister around and all and all, I get to turn it on for finding fun activities to make for blow-out weekends that leave you wanting another day to recover. Google calendars are a boon for “thinking aloud” what I want to do and sharing plans – even at the tentative stage – with like-minded friends also out to max-out summer.

Likewise, it’s nice to hand over the reins like being told I’m tagging along to a friend’s friend’s birthday dinner. It’s nice, even, when that was just a ruse and in its place a low-key, intimate, grown-uppy dinner and yuppy evening in Coal Harbour and Kits(ilano). Afterall, it’s merely getting out of the apartment and sharing your time with special people that are the only prerequisite for a good time. =)

On this day..