Scale back

I couldn’t get up this morning. =S I mean, after I could pry my eyes open at 9:30, I stumbled when I got out of bed.

Yesterday, we went for a run (26K) through all manners of terrain, weather, and temperature. It was the longest run ever in distance and time (3hr10min).

Then, since it was past noon, we rolled for more dress shopping – thank goodness for good body days (two in a row!) and I’ve got choices. (Flickr friends are invited to view and vote. =D)

Saturday was also nearly busting at the seams packed with a morning run, dress-shopping, Taste of the City (that I have since reviewed), and the freaky-deaky Illuminaries event. I’m all too happy to show Vancouverites and visitors alike the real, colourful, not-so-shiny Vancouver events.

That all said, Mondays are freakishly difficult days to hack and I am so looking forward to low-key weekends, which are about a month away….

On this day..