Taking it one day at a time

As the weekend approached, I wondered if I would actually come out of it alive because here is what went down (it’s so Vancouver!) –

Dancing at Robson Square in the first of their Summertime Dance (Lesson) Series. It is free and so much fun. Granted, this did not require a great deal of physical effort though I’d be advised to avoid unnecessary exertion because….

Saturday (Happy Canada Day!)
I had a 10K race first thing in the morning. It was flat-out awesome and not-too-tiring – a testiment to the training. The original plan was to kayak at Deep Cove but there were none left and I ended up lying flat on my back in their park instead. It’s all fine and well so far.

I was quite worried that I wouldn’t be able to get up for the 8:30 a.m. long-slow 16K run. We were set on a fabulous course through Stanley Park that provided cover for the middle stretch as well as a lack of mile markers to taunt us with how far we still had left to go.

Got up again at 7:30 to take on the Grouse Grind for the first time this year. 2,800 ft. elevation over 2.9 km. We summited (if you can call it that) at 1-hr.-20. I know, stinky time. Running on only two hours of sleep, the first ten minutes felt like the most brutal on my life. The remaining 70 minutes were merely miserable. Which is only motivation to return and reduce that time. I’m supposed to be a cardio fiend!